Friday, November 7, 2014

Sisterhood favorites & fabulous

With Jeanette as our hostess this round, we had the fun task of creating a card that said something about us (favorite stamp, color, etc.)  I thought about it for a long time (procrastination ya know, lol).  I've made a Christmas card because:

1) I love Christmas
2) I love December, my birthday is the 14th.  As a child there was really no other time to get presents and here I got them 11 days apart...only downfall was that was it for a whole year.
3) I'm very happy with the stamp I chose.  It's from Outlines stamp company.  They went out of business, but they were a Connecticut company (I'm born and raised and still living in CT) and I bought this stamp from them at a stamp show.
4) This image fit into my new Sizzix card die (my new obsession, I'm a collector) that I bought at our brand new Hobby Lobby (yes, finally, it's here and less than a mile from my house so I can go there anytime)
5) It needed a little coloring and a little bling, and a holly accent button that I found at HL

Here it is fully opened

Here is the back 

Thanks for looking.

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Gael said...

Very, very pretty!