Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our Hockey Girl

I've got no card for this moment.  I'm desperately searching for a Girls Roller Hockey rubber stamp and just haven't found anything I've liked.  But, her accomplishment needs to be documented.  Yesterday, she made her first goal.  She never even tried a pair of skates until this last March.  My  year old nephew was doing a "learn to skate" program at the hockey rink his dad has played at for years.  When she heard what he was doing, she wanted in.  Her goal before we even got there for her first lesson was "I want to play hockey".  They were very encouraging and assured us that she would be ready to join in the next hockey session that started just 4 lessons later.  She has taken the opportunity to go to every game, team practice and clinic sessions, which this past week due to overlapping schedules she had 2 games and 4 practice sessions in the last 7 days.  It won't always be hectic, but she has such a thirst to get better.  Her teammates have been trying so hard to help her get her first goal and yesterday, it all came together.   You don't always get to keep the game ball, but because it was her first goal, the ball was immediately removed from the game and her name, first goal, and date were written on it.  She was treated by dad with a Dunkin Donuts coolata (a rare treat for her) and a movie and a sleepover with her friend.  All in all a very good day for us all!