Monday, January 28, 2013

Calendar Girls - January

I've been so blessed by being asked to join the Calendar Girls this year.  It's full of all my SCS friends and such a great inspiration to follow their blogs and keep adding to mine.  Our first challenge for the year, find a photo for inspiration and make a card for it.  So I went through my cell phone photos (where all my photos seem to live now) and found quite a few that I could work with, but this one stood out.

This is the Furby sitting in Walmart on the shelf.  My three daughters all ended up with a Furby for Christmas this year, but it was my 9 year old that had one on her Christmas list since September, or whatever day they were announced on tv that they were arriving.  The funny thing is, first she wanted an all Teal one, so that's what I bought.  Then they started selling them in the grocery store around Thanksgiving, she found a black and white one with different colored speckles in his fur.  Then about 10 days before Christmas we were in our local Walmart and she found this guy with the spikey hair.  In an effort to appease her, I took a picture of him so I would "remember" what he looked like when I could get back to purchase him.  What She didn't know was that I was quickly texting the picture to my husband who was also in the store so that he could purchase the little bugger before someone else got to him because he was the Only one.  So the original Furby that I bought in September could not be returned, but I wanted my 13 year old to have one anyway, so we gave him to her.  The second one from the grocery store, was returned to the store.  Christmas day the two girls open their Furby and by the end of the day, my 18 year old is planning a 7am shopping trip the next morning to purchase her own (she got quite a bit of Christmas cash and offered to buy her own).  So we now have a family full of Furbys, though my oldest has taken hers to the college dorm for the semester.

So here is my card.  I was really surprised when I did a search on Splitcoaststampers for "Furby" that nothing came up, but I decided to work with my photo and my punches until I came up with this little guy.  Having a large selection of punches to choose from, it didn't take long to get this little guy together.  I went with a Valentine theme because, it might be the first year I'm actually ready before Valentine's Eve so I jumped on the chance to "be prepared".

Here is the inside.  I kept it simple, she's only 9 and will barely open the inside anyway.
I'm looking forward to seeing what the other girls have used for inspiration this month.


Darlene said...

What a great story, Linda! I had to chuckle, been there done that (except there were no cell phones to text pics to hubby while in the same store back then!)
Your card is too cute for words! What a creative Furby you've made, I'm sure that she will love it! Great job on your first round with the Calendar Girls!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) A•Muse Consultant #1065 said...

Linda... WOW!!!! I love punch art! You know that! But I never come up with an original punch art, I just CASE away. Soooooooo I am totally impressed that you were able to come up with your very own original Furby punch art! Your DD9 is going to love it!!! As will all of blogland! ;)

I also loved hearing about the Christmas purchases and so sneaky you are, to text DH to get the ONLY one left.

Welcome to the Calendar Girls Blog Group - we are soooooooo excited you've joined us!

MiamiKel said...

Well welcome to our group, Linda! We are blessed to have you joining! And wow, what a start out of the gate with this cutie!! I love your punch art technique - so creative and perfectly crafted!

We skipped the Furby craze here - I remember it from my HS days, lol! I think I must still be traumatized by the Cabbage Patch dolls, too :)

Welcome, welcome! x0x0

Barb said...

Linda--Welcome to the the Calendar Girls--I know you will love the challenges and we are so happy you are joining us!

Your card is outstanding--that is so creative for you to make your own Furby from punches. When I do punch-art, I copy someone else!

Love the story too--Great Card for the Challenge!

April said...

Welcome! So great to have you crafting as a Calendar Girl with us!

This card is so cute! I remember Furby being the rage when I was a young'en! I am in awe that you made your own for this delightful card!

:: BlueInks :: said...

And she is out of the gate with punch art! Wow!!!

Your card turned out great. Looks like a real Furby. I love the embossing folder you used for his body.

Great job!

Carol W said...

Welcome Linda...What we won't do for our a great story. I love your card and are good at the punch art...I would've been stumped forever trying to do this...great job and again...I'm so glad you chose to join us.....

djones said...

Linda you did a fantastic job with the photo and puches. This lil guy is adorable and perfect for a Valentine's card. Welcome to the group.

Terry said...

What a great card....and the punch art is so cute!

Welcome to the Calendar is a very fun group to be a part of!!

Love your first installment, and can't wait to see more in the coming months!!

~Paola~ said...

You really otdid yourself with your own adorable version of a punched out Furby card!...It sure turned out awesomely! Very clever and ingenious!:D♡