Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ok, so not a lot of stamping on this card, just the Happy Birthday inside, but what a fun time I had making this card. It was for my brother's birthday. He's a Huskie's fan (as most of us Connecticut-born are, especially at this time of year when the basketball teams are competing in the Final Four. The present I found is a Spring weight Connecticut Huskies jacket, with Jonathan on the sleeve. Well, my brother, Jonathan, loved the jacket and this card. Thanks to my friend's signifigant other who works for the college and got me this awesome shiny sticker. It's one of those clear stickers you can put on a card window or somewhere. I made a navy circle to go behind the dog and the navy strip to dress it up a little bit and have the husky show more. Just happened to have a puppy paw brad that I picked up at the last stamp show I went to.

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kadie said...

hmmmm...our Huskies were so close to playing your Huskies...darn it. Great card!